Ed Miliband starts off like Chelsea – not everyone’s favourite, yet efficient, pleasant on the eye and now in need of a greater test.

If Ed Miliband’s initial speech as Labour leader at the Manchester Party Conference, had been a football match, he would have come off the pitch a winner to polite applause from the home crowd, yet this was no 5-0 victory – harder fixtures lie ahead. The soundbytes arising from Ed Miliband’s first speech as Labour … Continue reading

Fast boat in name only.

There are two ways to cross the Thai/ Laos border across the River Mekong from northern Thailand, you can get either the slow or the fast boat. The ‘slow’ option takes 26 hours but the fast option is only six. To many this would immediately make you wonder why you would not consider taking the … Continue reading

David Miliband sets example with unity for Ed.

Having come agonisingly close to victory, David was widely recorded as being devastated, yet, speaking without notes yesterday, was totally selfless, urging the party “to put aside previous differences.”

We’re off and blogging.

Earlier this week I learnt that men are more likely to give up on blogging than their female counterparts. Women, I have found in the last few years are more likely to give up on me than vice versa, so in the grand scheme of things, essentially these things all equal themselves out. Today, marks … Continue reading