We’re off and blogging.

Josh Landy

Earlier this week I learnt that men are more likely to give up on blogging than their female counterparts. Women, I have found in the last few years are more likely to give up on me than vice versa, so in the grand scheme of things, essentially these things all equal themselves out.

Today, marks the first personal blog of what I hope will be a daily insight into… well, anything. Football, being a keen passion, will, I imagine form some of the content, but I am keeping an open mind as to what will fill these pages.

I’ve been on countless youth camps, numerous holidays and trips where I’ve started keeping a journal, an account of whatever it was that was currently happening and without fail I never got beyond a few days.

This thought comes most closely from a trip with two friends to Thailand in the Summer of 2008. After two days of writing a blog, I decided that I’d be able to remember what we were doing through pictures and videos, so there was no need to write.

In any event, my friend Royi was taking at least 50 photos a day, whilst Simon was writing a small novel every evening – to which I became convinced he must be making things up to fill all those pages. In truth, I always thought I’d be able to make a copy at the end of the trip, so was happy for him to keep writing. I believe this is what Economists call the ‘free rider problem’ (look it up if you need to…). So, essentially my documenting of the trip became rather limited.

Simon of course lost his entire journal four days before going home, whilst Royi’s computer crashed so severely on his return that all our images went to ‘Photo Heaven’ (don’t bother looking that one up).

In short, I did learn that if you want to remember what you’re doing, taking personal responsibility for it will be no bad thing.

So here we are, writing my own blog, aged 23. I know what you’re thinking – my mother would no doubt be immensely proud and I agree she probably would be, if she understood what a blog was.


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