David Miliband sets example with unity for Ed.

‘Honoured and humbled’, David calls for a united Labour Party behind his brother.

David Miliband was eager to deflect personal attention, as he passed on his congratulations to younger brother Ed as the Labour Party conference draws to a close.

Whilst David chose to keep his own future close to his chest David remarked that Britain now has “a great new leader” who was special to him and ”who the Labour Party needed to make special for all the British people.”

Having come agonisingly close to victory, David was widely recorded as being devastated, yet, speaking without notes yesterday, was totally selfless, urging the party “to put aside previous differences” in what was seemingly a direct message to his disappointed supporters.

David was philosophical on his defeat, reminding supporters that he would not have entered the race without being “reconciled to the prospect that you might lose. That’s life.”

In what the Telegraph described as an unscheduled speech, David concluded by suggesting that the historians would “look back on our conference in Manchester and say this was the conference where Labour looked forward.”

If the rest of the Party get behind Ed in the same manner as David, the younger brother can expect to lead a united Labour Party against the coalition.


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