A refereeing catastrophe – but unsporting nevertheless?

For those of you unfamiliar with the second Manchester United goal this weekend, I suggest giving it a quick view here before continuing, for the rest of this blog will make little sense without seeing it. So, quite clearly, referee Mark Clatternberg has dealt with the incident extremely poorly. Perhaps understandably, he was unable to see … Continue reading

Kick It (racism) Out – easier with more than 7 people?

Earlier this week we were fortunate enough to have Kevin Coleman from the Kick It Out organisation speak to us at University. As an avid football fan and regular attendee for the last 10 years or so, I have noticed their campaigns on numerous occasions, although I can’t deny I’ve often wondered how they measure … Continue reading

Who murdered who? Just another day at the Old Bailey.

Given my undergraduate degree was in Criminology and I’m currently doing an MA in Broadcast Journalism, it was little surprise that a trip to the Old Bailey last Monday would be of great interest to me. Myself and some of my fellow students sat in for an hour on the case of Geeta Aulakh – … Continue reading

My day covering the spending cuts live from Westminster.

Standing outside the houses of parliament yesterday armed with an Iphone (3GS for all you picky people) and a Zoom audio recorder I can’t pretend I didn’t feel slightly out of place as CNN, numerous BBC outlets and international media gathered waiting to speak to MPs following George Osborne’s announcements in Parliament. To put this … Continue reading

Gone but not forgotten – Eduardo welcomed back a hero

Three weeks ago I sat amongst a group of morons in the Arsenal section at Chelsea aggrieved by our embarrassing offensive supporters. Tonight, back at the Emirates Stadium for a home match I couldn’t have been more proud. When former professional footballers return to their previous clubs they seemingly get booed or cheered – there’s … Continue reading

An evening at Wembley Stadium (may include disappointment).

I will write a match report on the debacle from Wembley at some point tomorrow, for I can’t bear to be serious in the hours following what was one of the most flat, disappointing and totally average evenings I’ve had at football in a long time. At 7.45pm it didn’t feel the evening would transpire … Continue reading

Coming on for Adrian Chiles – Brain Braen Brain.

It can’t be easy having to write subtitles for the BBC. The pressure of knowing that thousands of people could be relying on you to make sense of what they are seeing would no doubt cause an exceptional amount onto the most relaxed of people. I can only assume the pressure became too much last … Continue reading

News of the World fail to undermine goalkeeper

This morning the News of the World published a story about England goalkeeper Joe Hart being involved in a ‘5am boozy bar bender’ 36 hours before he was due to meet up with the England squad. The article stated that the ‘boozy antics’ “will anger boss Fabio Capello and millions of fans fed up with the … Continue reading

It’s rarely plane sailing.

When booking a flight there are several elements you can control – your class of ticket, what you eat on board and often nowadays where you sit, yet who you will be sat next to is sadly not one of them. Travel enough by plane and soon you’ll start to meet one of the characters … Continue reading

Racist, sexist and mocking terrorist attacks. Welcome to the Arsenal fans.

Leaving Chelsea deflated is no new feeling to any Arsenal fan, but I felt particularly frustrated today. Not with the team, not with the manager, not even with having to pay £51 for the annual privilege of watching Didier Drogba score – but with the Arsenal fans. Arsenal as a club have always prided themselves … Continue reading