Coming on for Adrian Chiles – Brain Braen Brain.

It can’t be easy having to write subtitles for the BBC. The pressure of knowing that thousands of people could be relying on you to make sense of what they are seeing would no doubt cause an exceptional amount onto the most relaxed of people.

I can only assume the pressure became too much last Wednesday evening during the ‘You’re fired’ BBC production that follows the weekly showing of ‘The Apprentice’.

The show was just 40 seconds old when the subtitles started to represent the actions of someone for whom Red Bull was not enough to stay awake. As many of the public wondered who would be taking the place of Adrian Chiles, deaf viewers who hadn’t come across Dara O’Briain before could still be totally bemused.

That is because the subtitled words ‘I’m Dara O’briain’ became ‘I’m brain braen brain’.

So next time there’s a lull in a BBC show – stick on the subtitles, it could be a good giggle.

2 Responses to “Coming on for Adrian Chiles – Brain Braen Brain.”
  1. Joe says:

    I liked this very much.

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