News of the World fail to undermine goalkeeper

This morning the News of the World published a story about England goalkeeper Joe Hart being involved in a ‘5am boozy bar bender’ 36 hours before he was due to meet up with the England squad.

The article stated that the ‘boozy antics’ “will anger boss Fabio Capello and millions of fans fed up with the team’s wayward stars.”

Whilst the News of the World are known for their sensationalist approach to stories, this particular piece of ‘news’ seems to have backfired against the newspaper. Their belief that fans would be outraged, has been challenged by websites such asEurosport and establish blogs, such as Caught Offside, which make a mockery of the story published this morning.

Analysis of the supposed offence actually reveals that Joe Hart was expected to report for England duty a full 36 hours later, and in fact he was a week away from playing his next game of football (when England face Montenegro on Tuesday).

Essentially Joe Hart was entitled to be out drinking and whilst the newspaper will claim the story served a public interest by revealing the ‘antics’ of England players as we build up to an important England match, the truth seems to be they hoped to cause unrest within the England football camp.

The Daily Mail have reported ahead of the morning papers that England manager Fabio Capello has ‘no issue’ with the events surrounding the story which will only further serve to embarrass those at the News of the World given their exclusive scandal will be forgotten as quickly as it emerged.


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