Dating – fine. Writing about it – not fine.

I can’t deny that when I started blogging two months ago, I faced what all bloggers must face when starting out – a bit of embarrassment. ‘Why would anyone want to read my stuff?’ ‘Why would anyone care what I think?’ ‘Why, just why?’ were all firmly on my mind as I finally put a … Continue reading

Once bitten forever… unforgiven?

Some readers will remember a famous incident in boxing when Mike Tyson was so hungry midway through his fight with Evander Holyfield that he couldn’t help but have a quick peck from his opponents ear. Over ten years later, on a football pitch, another sportsman has bitten off more than should have been chewing. Luis … Continue reading

Writing the news for radio

Today we were tasked with attempting to record a two minute news bulletin for a London student audience. It was interesting to start thinking about what stories would be of enough interest and then in what order the stories should go. This was the result!    

Following a football club home, away and in court.

On Wednesday my course pretended to be a radio station and obviously my sporting interest had been noticed – I’d been allocated sports reporter. BBC Five Live take note – if you need me. My mate Dan Kilpatrick (check out his blog) had nabbed the local option of heading to Wembley as the afternoon … Continue reading

Witnessing the biggest game of football

 Being at the centre of the World. I remember listening to the Baddiel and Skinner podcast from 2006 when they’d described being at the final of the World Cup as feeling like “you were at the centre of the world.” On July 12th 2010 I understood what they meant. Having organised tickets for every game … Continue reading

Paying for quality news – a sign of The Times.

The Times revealed today that they have “close to 200,000 digital users” since they introduced a paywall for access to their websites last July. They promised investment for their high quality journalism in a bid to avoid what editor James Harding called a “suicidal form of economics – giving our journalism away for free” on … Continue reading