In Arsene we (still) trust.

It’s 1.30am and I’ve just got back from driving 400 miles up north to watch Arsenal draw 2-2 with Wigan. On that note, thanks to Oli and Ricky for another entertaining journey up north, it’s what part of the day is all about. As the team news trickled in, I can’t deny that like most … Continue reading

Wigan v Arsenal statistics

Here are five statistics that may help you out if you’re having a bet on the Arsenal v Wigan game today. 1)      There’s only ever been one draw between the two sides. 2)      Watch out for a late goal – there have been 11 in the final ten minutes of the last 8 meetings. 3)      … Continue reading

Boxing day is usually football, but let’s do Rugby Union.

Wembley Stadium for Saracens v Wasps. Image is my own. Pre Game When I left Wembley Stadium on October 12th having seen England play so poorly against Montenegro I vowed that it would be some considerable time before I came back for anything other than what would hopefully be an Arsenal visit. But I went … Continue reading

The Apprentice Final – The search is over.

  Pre Task The bloody final. On a Sunday night – the cheeky buggers. Well, 11 weeks wasn’t enough to tell us who Sugar daddy wanted so they had a final fling, a chance for both Stella to remind us she came from a council estate and Chris that he top scored in the entire country for … Continue reading

Exclusive interview with Alex Epstein, UK Apprentice Candidate 2010.

Hello Blog fans, I’ve been getting a lot of traffic from the BBC Apprentice website as they’ve been linking to my blogs the last couple of weeks, so no doubt they’d be quite a lot of you interested to hear from Alex Epstein who of course left back in Week 6. Thanks very much to … Continue reading

The Apprentice Week 11 – The Lord swears you’re no good

For a review of the Apprentice Final click HERE Pre Task   Most weeks we see a candidate leaping down the stairs half dressed to answer the phone, but this week Jamie strolled along to listen to the recorded message having made himself a coffee. What the bloody hell was this? Did you set an … Continue reading

The Apprentice Week Ten – When tour guiding goes nasty.

The pre task tension After the effort Stella showed picking up the phone last week, she was given a week off such duties which meant Jamie leapt down the stairs like a constipated grandpa hoping to reach the toilet in time. He succeeded and half an hour later the house was off for a daytrip … Continue reading

Arsenal v Manchester United. Let battle commence.

Manchester United v Arsenal is usually built up to astronomical levels in the press but perhaps on this occasion the level of attention is justified. For Arsenal arrive top of the table, albeit having played a game more than their northern rivals and with United yet to lose this season, the impact an Arsenal victory … Continue reading

The Apprentice week nine – Troubles with the truffles

Week nine of our beloved BBC Wednesday night entertainment started off with an angry shouting Stella having to run down two flights of stairs in a towel to answer the phone. Young Stuart then tentatively asked Jamie if Stella was in a bad mood, as if to imply she was some sort of drunk, who … Continue reading

Freshly pressed – the best juicer around?

If you’d have asked me this morning what ‘freshly pressed’ was, I’d have told you it was something to do with overpriced fruit juice. 12 hours later, freshly pressed, means having your blog placed on the WordPress homepage, there’s no doubt about it, that it could mean anything else is quite ludicrous. I only sat … Continue reading