Freshly pressed – the best juicer around?

The WordPress homepage, November 30th 2010.

If you’d have asked me this morning what ‘freshly pressed’ was, I’d have told you it was something to do with overpriced fruit juice. 12 hours later, freshly pressed, means having your blog placed on the WordPress homepage, there’s no doubt about it, that it could mean anything else is quite ludicrous.

I only sat to write the blog at 11.30pm last night because I’d been so aggravated by a post I’d read a day earlier – it just goes to show that it’s worth sticking the other side of a story up.

More than anything I think it’s opened up my eyes further to the world of blogging. Yes, you know that technically some middle-aged woman in Texas could sit and read your blog – but the likelihood of that occuring is pretty much non-existent for a 23 year old with limited journalistic history.

Or is it? WordPress have something called ‘freshly pressed’ where in their own words they “select about ten new blog posts for the Freshly Pressed section of the homepage. These posts represent how WordPress can be used to entertain, enlighten, or inspire.”

Why exactly they chose me… I’m not sure – perhaps it just made the person who read it laugh – that’s fine by me.

For me, my blog has been purely experimental – to test the waters. I have been explaining to my mates that my blog is purely an opportunity for me to try a few different types of article and that I’m not bothered that the readership is likely to be low. Hopefully as, if and when a career in journalism develops, then obviously you want a following, but for now, it’s about covering the basics.

I’ve been astounded by the response my article has yielded. I’ve had comments from all over the world, from Lesbians in Port-au-Prince in Haiti, to a lady in America with whom I clearly touched a few nerves leading to her feeling the need to attack my article with her own blog, which I’ve replied to with a comment. Bring it on. This is what it’s all about – dividing opinion.

After being on the WordPress homepage for 10 hours, I’ve had over 4,000 views, over 120 comments posted, received emails for advice on blogging and had six people write a blog about my blog. It’s truly a bizarre feeling, but the idea that a large amount of people are reading your work and debating it – well maybe that’s the bug that keeps bloggers and ‘wannabe’ journalists coming back for more.

Arsenal on their way to a 2-0 victory over Wigan earlier tonight - usually I'd have blogged about it...

I’ve enjoyed the brief limelight, but I’m under no illusions that I won’t be getting 5,000 checking out this or any of my subsequent blogs for the foreseeable future.

It’s 3am over here in the UK and it’s definitely time for bed, but what an interesting day, and for once on this blog I’m not talking about Arsenal’s 2-0 victory over Wigan that I went to see earlier tonight in the snow.

So best wishes to anyone who has stumbled across my blog today. If you want to keep in touch with me, subscribe to the blog, or follow me on twitter here.


(the freshly pressed) Josh

16 Responses to “Freshly pressed – the best juicer around?”
  1. Lushfun says:

    Well hopefully for you it will make some traffic stick. Was hoping you were going to share exciting exotic stories of jolly ole England dating scene and trials and tribulations of your persona within this sphere of influence. Ergo funny hilarious and crazy type of sht.

    Glad you shared the stats was interested on how you fared on being on the front wall. My blog is sort of experimental and I am also wondering what to do with my site and where to go with it. For now its just fun etc, but still wondering if anything business wise could be done with it to make money. Right now just wondering how to get traffic stick more or less. Alas busy for the next two weeks so content wise not going to be doing much updating.

  2. joshlandy says:

    I think it’d be a bit hypocritical to start delving into dating stories – and the truth is I don’t have too much to say on the matter and if I did, it would be to discuss with my mates, not the entire world.

    I think there’s a big difference between retelling a very funny dating experience, (say if your date got arrested by a police officer half way through) and a blog which preaches how to behave on a date or attempts to make observations about dating in general. It’s a very personal subject, not one that deserves to be generalised or written in a preachy manner.

    Hopefully some of the traffic will stick – I’m not after money at the moment – it’s all practice for the big bad world of journalism ultimately.

    Good luck with your blog.

  3. applecheekedgirl says:

    It can be a very adictive game blogging as a new journalist my self the buzz always came from seeing my work in print and knowing that people are reading it but you get very little real feed back apart from the odd letter to the Ed (usually a nutter with the wrong end of the stick)

    but blogging gives you such quick and public feedback.

    congrats on being “freshly squeezed”…..hmmmn? I think that’s going to be the title for my new dating blog 😉

  4. knitwitted says:

    Regarding your “technically some middle-aged woman in Texas could sit and read your blog”… well, actually I’m from Louisiana.


  5. Melanie T says:

    Congrats again on freshly pressed. I’ve met many wonderful bloggers through it.

  6. dougbrowncreative says:

    Hey Josh, this was a enjoyable post. Our blog went through the same thing about a month ago. One consequence of being Freshly Pressed is how you become connected to so many other bloggers, as Melanie T noted above, who also have just been through. We’re like a support group! There should probably be a special category in Freshly Pressed for posts about being Freshly Pressed.

    I hope you enjoyed the ride. How long did it last? We got very lucky in that we were Pressed on Thursday night and up until Monday around noon. It dropped down the page somewhat but our traffic stayed strong.

    This is what I wrote about the experience:

    Take it easy and congrats on the windfall. Doug

    • joshlandy says:

      Hey Doug,

      Glad you liked the post… just had a look at your post – seems a similar experience – the stats graph goes through the roof! It’s great fun. Been linked on a BBC Apprentice site since, but for sure it all tails off – I was on for 24 hours, had about 7,500 hits all in all in those 2 days. Manic!

      All the best,


  7. Betty says:

    I read your response to the other blogger. It was perfect.

  8. Viki says:

    Welcome to the Blogosphere! That’s the way that this wonderful, interactive world works and it is just this interaction which spurs us on to write, to publish and, hopefully, to think through what we wish to write about. This is also what the world of journalism is about: catching the audiences; holding their attention; achieving response. You’ll do well.


  9. Mon says:

    Hi Josh! Well this comment is overdue!
    But let me explain why I am commenting and how I came to find you.

    Number one reason is that I was freshly pressed on Dec 1st too! That’s me diagonally right (and up a bit) to yours on the Freshly pressed page. Poor directions, I know, but anyhow I’m the first one on the page – Live, Learn, Achieve, Grow is my blog and my post was called What Losing Weight Taught Me About Blogging and Why It Might Help You.

    I love your description here of the ”freshly pressed ride” . It was my experience too. Great isn’t it ?!

    Anyhow, in all the excitement that day I didn’t actually click through to the freshly pressed page itself and I have been looking for the webpage now for a few weeks (on and off). and today my google search led me to your blog and there it was – the wordpress page I’ve been looking for!! Thank – you !

    So I was just wondering if you actually have a link to that page, so I can find it myself and then keep a reference to it? I would most appreciative if you do and would also be very grateful if you could share it with me.

    You can reply to me via my blog or shoot me an email if that is easier. Thanks in advance Josh for any help you can give and many congratulations to you on making it to freshly pressed! You have a great blog!

    I hope you have kept some of the traffic that it bought also.

    All the best (for blogging and the holidays!) and hope to hear from you when you have some time.

    Kind Regards,


    • joshlandy says:


      Nice to hear from you! So, I don’t have a link to the page in particular, but feel free to nick the picture from my blog for your own use? I imagine if you go on freshly pressed and keep clicking back 30 days worth or so then you’ll find it?

      Kept some of the traffic, but obviously it’s mostly gone! I’ve found a few others, so it’s not all too bad. How about yourself?!

      All the best,


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