Arsenal v Manchester United. Let battle commence.

Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal manager believes his team can win at Old Trafford. Image courtest of Wiki Commons, by Paul Blank.

Manchester United v Arsenal is usually built up to astronomical levels in the press but perhaps on this occasion the level of attention is justified.

For Arsenal arrive top of the table, albeit having played a game more than their northern rivals and with United yet to lose this season, the impact an Arsenal victory would have, should not be underestimated.

Even the most ardent of Arsenal fans would still be sceptical about telling you they are capable of winning the title. The goalkeeper Fabianski whilst not disgracing himself by any means, is usually reliable for one clanger a game whilst the centre back pairing of Koscielny and Squillaci is a long way away from matching the Ferdinand / Vidic partnership that Arsenal will face on Monday night.

It’s in front of goal there is more confidence amongst the Arsenal fans, especially on the road, where with 15 goals Arsenal have scored more than anyone else in a run of games that gives them the best away record in the division.

Manchester United however even before Patrice Evra’s comments earlier this week, would rightfully expect to be favourites. Arsenal have managed just one victory in their last nine matches in all competitions.

Yet Arsenal would argue they have been unlucky on recent visits, perhaps reinforced when one realises that Arsenal have taken the lead twice in the last three years only to lose 2-1, with the other year a drab 0-0 draw that saw United secure the title. The year prior to that Arsenal won 1-0, so United haven’t scored first since 2005/06. In particular, in August 2009 Arsenal dominated proceedings for an hour but couldn’t get a killer second goal, a weakness of Arsenal that is constantly aired, before United went on to win.

Arsenal will know one goal is rarely enough at Old Trafford – Monday night will be a year to the day since Ferugson’s men last failed to score at home in the Premier League, when Aston Villa sneaked a 1-0 victory.

Four of the last six teams who were leading the Premier League at this stage of the season went on to win it, so it would be foolish to rule Arsenal out of the title race but there’s no doubt that avoiding defeat at Old Trafford on Monday will go a long way in pushing their title ambitions.

3 Responses to “Arsenal v Manchester United. Let battle commence.”
  1. sauravluk9 says:

    Arsenal is going to get thrashed man,i tell you. Not to forget that the match is going to be played at..Roony ..plz come back at your best..nice post.

    • sauravluk9 says:

      Arsenal is going to get thrashed man,i tell you. Not to forget that the match is going to be played at Old Trafford..Roony ..plz come back at your best..nice post.

      • joshlandy says:

        I hope not… if Arsenal play like we can… then we can win!

        Anyway I’m going to the game tomorrow night, so I’ll let you know my thoughts on Tuesday!

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