Being 24, it’s nothing to shout about.

'Celebrating' my 24th birthday

Well, I guess the big event of the last few weeks was turning 24.

When you’re young, every birthday seems incredibly important, in fact, even September 22nd, my half birthday seemed a very important date when I was younger and I still can’t help but notice when it comes around.

I’ve found that when I see some of my younger cousins I wrongly expect to be forgiven for getting the age a year or two wrong. It turns out  that bar getting their gender wrong, there are few more offensive comments you can say to a seven year old than accusing them of being six.

This is of course because when you’re young, being a year older makes a significant difference to your outlook. It’s something about pride I suspect – maybe it’s a result of being forced to answer the question ‘How old are you now?’ by a class of signing classmates as your teacher wandered around your classroom handing out boxes of raisins you’d brought in to celebrate. For the record, yes genuinely, that was all we were allowed to bring into school by means of celebration for our birthdays.

So, why do I say all this? Well, because I’d always thought that post 18, one would get over the feeling of significant difference from year to year… but I haven’t.

It’s hit me this week how old 24 sounds. You’ve basically hit your mid twenties and it’s time to grow up. In my mind aged 23 it’s still kind of acceptable to be finding your feet, maybe in your last year at University… but 24, seriously get on with life.

Birthdays are in theory at least, happy occasions where we celebrate rights of passage that can now befall us. At 13 it meant a Bar-Mitzvah, at 17 it means you can drive, at 18 it means you can drink, 21… means Clintons sell lots of cards – and then of course you hit the 30,40,50,60,70 to mark decades of life.

If you’re looking for a birthday card which says ‘sorry to hear you’re…’ you’ll do well to find it, but if someone had given me one ending in ’24’ this week I think I would have smiled for at this moment in time, being 24 doesn’t feel all that wonderful – certainly nowhere near as much fun as being six… or was it seven? Who cares.

4 Responses to “Being 24, it’s nothing to shout about.”
  1. Niki says:

    I turned 24 in December and i totally disagree. I’ve been going through a quarter life crisis since 23 lol and I’ve learned alot from it really. Being 24 is older,true.But, do you know how many 30,40,50 year olds probably wish they could go back to that time in which we are in right now? 24,even through 35 are the PRIME years of our lives. We have alot more experience than when we were 18,smarter (hopefully) and still hot n young.Seriously. We have the best of both worlds-youth and age.AND we can do anything we want! That pic of you guys is sweet. You have a whole life ahead of you. Yes, there r very serious matters to deal with now,such as saving the world LOL BUUUT don’t wait ’til ur 80 to think about all the awesome things you could’ve done w/ ur mind,body-all the stories you could’ve had-IF u had totally embraced being 24 and acted like a 6 year old more often instead of a 40 y.o. Just saying..but ur good. Good luck on ur journey

    • joshlandy says:

      Hey Niki – thanks for sharing! You’re probably right – it’s always the case that you want to go back to when you were younger and life was invariably easier! I think the main reason is because I am still studying… as soon as that’s done with and I’m in the ‘real world’ maybe I’ll be less concerned! x

  2. Hey! Your post is making me a little depressed since I am turning 26 this month and I am still studying and haven’t found a way in life and feel like such a loser…24 is alright still 😉 For me, I get the strange looks now on the brink to 26 for saying I am still studying and haven’t earned my own money yet… and I have to agree with you, for me it was the years after turning 19 or 20 that weren’t all that exciting…Well, maybe at 30 we’ll feel better, because then it really would be embarrassing to still struggle with good ol’ life 😉

  3. Tima says:

    Yet another funny post from you, Mister! I truly enjoyed it. Again, something I can relate to– minus the “being 24” part. I turned 22 in June and I can’t say I feel any different. Sure my friends will pressure me into going to bars/clubs and lounges, but, call me an old lady all you want, there isn’t much excitement when you’ve been going to these places since you were 19. I enjoy a night out with friends, but I appreciate it more if I’m home by 1:30 am (the latest!) –Okay, so maybe I am a grandma, sue me! In all sincerity, I’m still learning about myself at this age, and I love it. At 20 I learned the value of self. At 21, I learned never to mix drinks on your “official drinking night” (and I have not since!) And now, I learn the true meaning of free time. With school out of the way, I have the weekends to myself –spending time with family and friends while enjoying the simple things life has to offer. What more can I ask for? 🙂

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