Sunny Blackpool gloomy for pro Wenger fans

A sunny Bloomfield Road saw Arsenal win 3-1, but there was no singing for Wenger.

On the face of it Arsenal’s 3-1 victory at Blackpool on Sunday was almost the perfect day. Finally back to winning ways in the league, the return in goal of an old hero at the age of 41 and glorious sunshine to enjoy a day out in Blackpool. But something was missing.

Through thick or thin with Arsenal over the last 10 years there has always been one song that emanates from the away support without fail. ‘One Arsene Wenger, there’s only one Arsene Wenger’ has traditionally been bellowed until our manager acknowledges the song by raising a hand in a manner befitting a member of the royal family. This action is traditionally greeted with a large cheer.

Not so on Sunday. Not once did any appreciation for our manager become clear from the away support. Whilst frustrations are understandable due to some disappointing results, it seems baffling that people could now lose support for the man who has revolutionised our football club.

That we are disappointed to be chasing down Manchester United in the final weeks of the season should serve only as a indicator of how far we have come since the mid 1990s, where we shouldn’t forget Arsenal finished 12th in the Premier League in 1994/95.

Of course we have a team that is good enough. Of course we should have won something over the last six years and of course it would have been nice to see one or two more quality signings in defence in recent times.

However that some fans are doubting Wenger is in my opinion tantamount to treason. I wish it were the voice of the spoilt corporate fan, but regretfully the dissatisfaction is growing. It baffles me.

As for the fans who suggest than in any other business a CEO with his recent lack of success would have been fired, they are simply suggesting that he should be a victim of his own brilliance. That we should replace someone who has proven himself so clearly and taken us to the brink on several occasions shows me he’s still the man.

The margins in all sports, we are always told, are very small – we’re not far away.  Luck also plays it part in getting over the final hurdle, but I’m convinced it will change within a year or two and I’m all the more convinced if Wenger remains.

As for this season – it’s still possible we could win the title. But if we do, I can’t wait to see how the Wenger haters spin it that he isn’t responsible.

Long live the Arsene.

2 Responses to “Sunny Blackpool gloomy for pro Wenger fans”
  1. Jonathan Hausmann says:

    Great blog. I promise you one thing if we win the title he will get all the credit in the world and deservedly so. However you need to realize he has made massive errors in recent times and all I want is for him to rectify them. Get the deadwood out and bring some Arsenal coaches in.

    • joshlandy says:

      It’s hard to know if he has made errors or not though surely… who is to say a signing here or there would have taken us to the title or trophies for certain. It’s a very easy thing to say that we are ‘one or two’ players away. We’re only guessing.

      I think he’s probably too stubborn to spend above what he believes is fair which is frustrating – but he’s making those decisions because he believes they are right. He believes the team we have is good enough to win the title and I’d agree it is. Had our talented players scored against Sunderland / Blackburn with the numerous chances created we’d be sitting pretty and it’d be our title to lose. That’s what I mean when I say there’s so little in it….

      Anyway, we agree he’ll get some serious praise IF we somehow pull this off… See you Sunday!

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