A view from The Mall

I’m not a Royalist particularly, but there was something brilliant about being on The Mall today. It was a sea of celebration and a British atmosphere that I haven’t experienced before.

The only animosity I could even begin to notice came from supporters of the couple trying to ensure none of their pavement was taken. With chairs, blankets, sleeping bags and numerous other possessions, territory was being marked with care.

As fascinating as the colourful crowds who lined The Mall and surrounding areas were, so too were the worlds media. They have come in their thousands – over 4,000 from oversees to be precise and their passion and knowledge about the royal family was equally impressive and endearing as I overheard tens of interviews.

There has been a two-storey media tent erected at the top of the mall. I encountered journalists from Spain, Croatia, China, Australia, America, Hungary and Chile among many others. They’ve all been hopping around the crowds looking to find out the stories from visitors and the British public alike – all with huge smiles on their faces.

Seb, Adam and Oli go about drawing some attention to themselves on the Mall, London.

My friends Seb and Adam have dressed in tuxedo black tie and have been drawing all sorts of attention from the press – including the BBC here and they even made it on the CNN front page earlier today. It just goes to show – something a bit different can draw a lot of attention. It’s what Tom, the marketing manager at Leeds Student Union always told me when I was a sabbatical officer – it’s about purple cow marketing!

It was clear that some had come today so as to experience a royal wedding in London without the huge numbers that will invariably arrive tomorrow. They still got a great experience.

As I strolled back to get the tube home, I overheard a mother in a very northern dialect tell her perhaps 15-year-old son that he would never forget the day they came down to London. I’m sure she’s right.

I don’t think I will either and that’s why I’ll be heading back tomorrow. In truth it may a desire to be part of a historic day in British history and the fascination with the scale of the event rather than a love of the royal family, but either way I’m looking forward to tomorrow.


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