Money For Minds

‘Contract cheating’ is the term given to students who seek others, increasingly online, to complete their work on their behalf. Although whether using one of the many research companies is indeed cheating or not, is a hotly debated topic throughout the documentary.

To find out how easy it is to outsource University work, Josh Landy travels back to the time of his dissertation as an undergraduate, posing as a potential customer looking to get one over on the education system.

What he finds is a complicated but thriving business model, where carefully worded warnings sent with purpose built essays lie in the inboxes of students up and down the country ready to change their grades and potentially their lives.

With the help of those involved in running essay writing sites, as well as leading academic experts on plagiarism, student tales of buying essays and undercover reporting, we’ll unravel the industry that’s undermining Higher Education at UK Universities.

Listen Now:


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