Apprentice Week One: Sugar wants to see the fruits of your labour

So, after just a few months away, Sugar daddy and his friends Nick and Karen were back to play with sixteen people that would stand out as self important even in a queue outside Boujis. Gavin provided the first awkward moment of the series when he volunteered to be project manager with a similar amount … Continue reading

The Apprentice Final – The search is over.

  Pre Task The bloody final. On a Sunday night – the cheeky buggers. Well, 11 weeks wasn’t enough to tell us who Sugar daddy wanted so they had a final fling, a chance for both Stella to remind us she came from a council estate and Chris that he top scored in the entire country for … Continue reading

Exclusive interview with Alex Epstein, UK Apprentice Candidate 2010.

Hello Blog fans, I’ve been getting a lot of traffic from the BBC Apprentice website as they’ve been linking to my blogs the last couple of weeks, so no doubt they’d be quite a lot of you interested to hear from Alex Epstein who of course left back in Week 6. Thanks very much to … Continue reading

The Apprentice Week 11 – The Lord swears you’re no good

For a review of the Apprentice Final click HERE Pre Task   Most weeks we see a candidate leaping down the stairs half dressed to answer the phone, but this week Jamie strolled along to listen to the recorded message having made himself a coffee. What the bloody hell was this? Did you set an … Continue reading

The Apprentice Week Ten – When tour guiding goes nasty.

The pre task tension After the effort Stella showed picking up the phone last week, she was given a week off such duties which meant Jamie leapt down the stairs like a constipated grandpa hoping to reach the toilet in time. He succeeded and half an hour later the house was off for a daytrip … Continue reading

The Apprentice week nine – Troubles with the truffles

Week nine of our beloved BBC Wednesday night entertainment started off with an angry shouting Stella having to run down two flights of stairs in a towel to answer the phone. Young Stuart then tentatively asked Jamie if Stella was in a bad mood, as if to imply she was some sort of drunk, who … Continue reading