CONTENTed Digital Media was launched in early 2013 by Moz Dee and Adam Bullock who stepped down as Programme Director and Commercial Director of TalkSPORT radio after a very successful period.

CONTENTed is committed to making quality programmes in a digital world. CONTENTed creates and own content for talent, brands and rights holders.

In my role (March – October 2013) I worked on a range of sports and personality based content for a variety of platforms, helping with pitches, arranging shoots, interviewing contributors, producing various shoots and editing.

Here are some examples of my work from CONTENTed.

Surrey Cricket Club and Kia

We were tasked with creating a video for Surrey Cricket Club to demonstrate the power of Kia’s sponsorship. I arranged three shoots, conducted interviews with the likes of Shane Warne and Michael Holding, produced the filming and edited this piece.

Michael Essien’s Game of Hope

CONTENTed filmed Michael Essien and his friends as they travelled to Ghana for a charity game for his foundation. I was asked to make a viral video launch that content online. I used some of the rushes we had of Essien and his colleagues dancing. The video attracted over 200,000 hits on YouTube and when given to to promote, over half a million.

Michael Essien and his friends travel to Ghana

Michael Essien talking about his earliest football memories

CONTENTed Digital Media Showreel October 2013.

I was asked to edit a showreel that would demonstrate a possible range of Football related programming.

Digital Cinema Media

Digital Cinema Media (DCM) approached CONTENTed with the view to filming their launch event for agencies, to demonstrate their hopes of raising interest in playing video games in the cinema. I prepared the shoot, conducted the interviews and edited this piece which was circulated widely by DCM.


I was asked to put together a quick edit to demonstrate the work CONTENTed had done with the bookmakers Bwin, including a demonstration of how the content had been used socially.


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